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Activities and events at Priors Mead

There’s no doubt, shared physical and mental activities promote both individual well-being and a sense of community. So, at Priors Mead, you’ll find there’s always something to look forward to in the diary.

Events at Priors Mead include darts matches, bingo, singing lessons, yoga, shopping, pub lunches and theatre trips to get you out and about. Then there’s our residents chauffeur driven car service on hand if you fancy an excursion of your own, or meeting a friend in town.

<p><strong>Flower Arranging & Gardening<br />

Flower Arranging & Gardening







Choosing this year’s wines

Every April, Majestic Wine are giving a wine tasting for the residents and their guests. As you might expect, this is normally a rather jolly affair, with much debate as to which are the best, and for a reason.

Priors Mead offers complimentary wine to its residents to help wash the home-cooked lunches and dinners down, and the fruit of the evening’s work will therefore be enjoyed for the weeks and months to come. In reality, the residents will select a number of wines which will then be supplemented by new additions as they become available throughout the year.

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Care home or homecare?

Though this site is about Priors Mead, we know residential care is not your only option. You may be considering being supported in your own home as an alternative. If you are at this planning stage – we can help you there too.

We also run an extensive and well-reviewed home care service, which means we are able to advise you on the full care picture. Once again we see it as our job to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, and we simply don’t do the hard sell. If you’d like to know more, call us on 01737 224334.

Our HomeCare Service

Call us on 01737 224334 for more information about our activities and events