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Unique birthday celebration

Unique birthday celebration

One of our clients turned a rather impressive 105 years of age recently. She may have had a letter from the Queen, but no doubt this blog post was the real ‘Happy Birthday’ she was after!

We’ve had the pleasure of Elsie Morten’s company since 2012 after she joined us as a mother to one, grandmother to three and great grandmother to 5 children! Amazingly, Elsie had been living on her own up until the age of 102 when she joined us which is pretty remarkable in itself and shows what a strong, independent character she is.

Having spent so much of her life caring for others around her and with such a large and wonderful family to show for it, we’re delighted to have the chance to provide some care to her in her more experienced(!) years.

What makes working with Elsie such a fantastic job is that, with the entertaining anecdotes and memories that comes from hitting your 105th year, she has kept that youthful passion for life and sense of fun. Elsie always has another story to tell or another life experience to share and that certainly makes our job a lot more enjoyable!

Happy Birthday, Elsie!

Elsie morten Care home party
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