Getting you back on your feet

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Respite care and transitional care

Getting you back on your feet

A change is a good as a rest, at any age. But as we get older, we all have times when we need a bit more support. That’s where our short-term residential care can prove invaluable. You might need extra help after a hospital stay to make sure you’re fully fit to return home. Or maybe your family support is off for a couple of weeks’ holiday, and they’d be happier knowing you were safe. Or maybe you just fancy being looked after for a bit. Whatever your need – we can support you.

We’ll look after you with the same care and attention to detail we offer our longer-term clients. For example we’ll put together an individual care and diet schedule to exactly meet your needs. Plus of course you’ll be able to fully participate in the sociable day to day life of Priors Mead. If you’d like to know more call 01737 224334.

Or alternatively, view our long term residential care or Home Care Service.


The Priors Mead team

With such a personal thing as care, the attitude of staff is obviously critical. That’s why we are rigorous in selecting our team, and never use agency staff. To increase a feeling of involvement are transitioning towards employee ownership. This means it is everyone’s interest to take an empathetic and personal interest in meeting your exact needs.

Our senior team members

When your home care support takes a break

Though it has many benefits, care home life isn’t for everyone. Many people decide to stay in their own home, assisted by family or professional carers. If this is your chosen route we can help when your carers take a well-earned break.

A short holiday cover stay with us gives your carers the peace of mind to fully relax and recharge because they know you’re safe and well cared for.

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Care home or homecare?

Though this site is about Priors Mead, we know residential care is not your only option. You may be considering being supported in your own home as an alternative. If you are at this planning stage – we can help you there too.

We also run an extensive and well-reviewed home care service, which means we are able to advise you on the full care picture. Once again we see it as our job to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, and we simply don’t do the hard sell. If you’d like to know more, call us on 01737 224334.

Our HomeCare Service

Please call 01737 224334 to book your stay