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News & Activities June 2023

We have recently welcomed Pamela into our home- we hope you are enjoying your stay with us so far.
We would love to invite you all in for a coffee afternoon on Saturday 22nd July. Due to poor availability we have decided to postpone our Summer party to be able to accommodate more of you hopefully in August.

Room Vacancy

We currently have a Vacancy to welcome someone new into our Priors Mead Family. Your referrals are most appreciated so please keep us in mind.



We would like to encourage you all to go on and ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page as we aim to post regular updates and photos of the going ons in our home – Just search ‘Priors Mead Care Home’



Our current score is 9.9!!! Please help us be a 10/10 recommended home!
Please may we ask you to take the time to complete an online review for us, your feedback is valuable to our home and useful to those looking for their new home; GOOGLE Reviews or clicking us as a starred/saved location would also really help if possible!



Sadly, we have said our goodbyes to Les over the last month. We were very fond of him and formed close relationships with his loved ones too. Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time, and our thoughts will forevermore be with our residents.

Maybe gone, but never forgotten within our walls.

July Activities

Please don’t hesitate to suggest any different activities, entertainers or outings to us, as we are always looking to include a variety to ensure we are carrying out activities of interest for our residents. Thank you for your support and feedback so far.

1st – 2pm – Chair Ballet with Alex in the conservatory
2nd – 11am – Pet Therapy with our lovely furry friends in the Conservatory
3rd – 11am – Some Yoga with Judy to start our week off
4th – 11am – Can you help us with some Flower Arranging to brighten up our home? Let’s bring Summer inside!
5th – Tina is back in to refresh our do’s!
6th – 3.45pm – Wine and Nibbles at the ready… Anthony returns to sing for us
7th – Cranium Crunches – Crosswords, Word Searches and other brain exercises
8th – Today we will be planting Sunflower Seeds. The race is on!!
9th – Let’s celebrate Iris’ Birthday, Happy Birthday Iris!!
10th – 2pm – Birds of Prey We have some big birds swooping in this afternoon!
11th -Lets go for a drive… Resident’s choice, this could be interesting!
12th – Tina and Nails… Pamper day!
13th – 2pm – Chair Ballet with Alex in the Conservatory
14th – Seaside Day! Liam Joseph is coming in to serenade us in the garden whilst we enjoy Fish & Chips!
15th – 3.45pm – Wine and Nibbles at the ready… Anthony returns to sing for us
16th – 1pm – Join us outside for Garden Crafts; Sketch the garden… the possibilities are endless. What can we create?
17th – 11am – Some Yoga with Judy to start of our week
18th – 11am – Linley returns with her musical, armchair exercises
19th – 11am – Cheese and Wine, a guaranteed good time!
20th – 3.45pm – Wine and Nibbles at the ready… Anthony returns to sing for us
22nd – 3pm- Please Join us for Garden Games and an Afternoon Tea in the Garden
23rd – 2pm – Games Afternoon in the Lounge with Drinks & Nibbles
24th – Let’s Celebrate Eleanor’s Birthday, Happy Birthday Eleanor!!
24th – 2pm – Musical Interlude with Nibbles
25th – Games & Puzzles in the Conservatory
27th – Movie Afternoon in the lounge with Hot Chocolate and Sprinkles!!
28th – 11am – Andy Mace – From the West End to Priors Mead, Reigate!
29th – Fine Dining Evening – Dinner by Candle light because…why not?!
30th – 3pm – Cranium Crunches – Crosswords, Word Searches and other brain exercises 31st – Slow Yoga with Judy


Dates for your Diary;

● Our hairdresser, Tina, continues to join us every Wednesday to see to your ‘do
● Saturday 22nd July- Come and join us for Garden Games and Afternoon Tea

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