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Keeping the winter blues away with Little Rays of Sunshine

Keeping the winter blues away with Little Rays of Sunshine

A visit from the recently formed toddler group ‘Little Rays of Sunshine’ is now a regular feature at Priors Mead.  Each Tuesday morning up to 10 accompanied toddlers join our residents for activities and a sing-along session. Local Mum Michelle, a friend of Kirsty our manager suggested the idea having observed how much her little ones enjoyed chatting with an elderly lady in a local coffee shop; a feeling that was very obviously mutual



And so, since October this has become a regular and much-loved highlight of the week for both residents and staff alike. Each week has a different theme; usually arts and crafts based, but we’ve also had an elf join us and are looking forward to the Easter session with a surprise guest! It’s always rounded off with a much loved sing-along session.

Kirsty says ‘It’s great to see bonds developing between the residents and children; especially with the children that come weekly. We start each session with ‘a meet and greet’ so that all the residents, children and parents/carers can introduce themselves and have a little chat.  It’s been heart warming to see some of our quieter residents lose their shyness and reserve during these visits. It’s proving such a hit we’re even exploring setting up extra sessions during the school holidays for school aged children and are looking forward to sessions being held in the garden when the warmer weather comes.”

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