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Covid-19 News #13

Covid-19 News #13

Newsletter #13 – Monday, 15th June 2020

We remain at Implementation Level Two for both Homes and HomeCare with no Symptomatic Residents, Clients or Staff.                                      


Sadly, not many Families were able to attend Saturday’s Zoom Meeting to meet Leo, our new CEO, but he will be happy to arrange personal Zoom meetings at other times if any Families would like to meet him ahead of more normal visits resuming.

Drive-Through Visits

Nettlestead have now had ten Drive Through Visits, with less at Priors Mead. Whilst all were emotional and everyone enjoyed them, being at two metres distance is not helpful to communications. Many Families are therefore planning to rely on Zoom and other clearer ways to stay in touch.

Garden Visits

We continue to plan for Garden Visits when the time is right, and will start liaising with Families over the coming weeks.


  • All Residents and Staff have tested negative at Nettlestead and Priors Mead.
  • Nettlestead Staff are now also being offered Antibody Tests.
  • Nearly all HomeCare Staff have now been tested as negative, including both Staff who cared for our Client who had tested positive.


Nettlestead currently has one Staff Member Self-Isolating for twelve weeks.

  • Holly is in the process of arranging the Covid 19 Antibody Test for all staff.
  • A huge thank you to Laura & David Taylor for the lovely individual cards and chocolates for all the staff.
  • A big thank you also to Audrey Dalton’s daughter-in-law, Jenny for her very kind review on
  • In order to minimize transmission risk, we have one member of our Staff now on Furlough as she works primarily within an NHS dental practice.


Priors Mead

Priors Mead currently has one Staff Member Self-Isolating for twelve weeks.

  • We had a truly amazing response to our request to collect 100 Birthday Cards for Charles to help him celebrate and remember his 100th Birthday as he was unable to have the big party with 100 guests that he had been hoping for. In fact, the current card count is 210! We thank each and everyone one of you who helped us to achieve this, including the rightfully framable one from Her Majesty!
  • But an extra special thank you to Jes Chandler who shared Kirsty’s Facebook Request with his contacts within the Reigate Guild and helped us achieve this amazing total. We were also contacted by our local Reigate Mayor as she wanted to make a personal appearance whilst complying with social distancing rules to wish Charles a Happy 100th Birthday by waving to him from the driveway and speaking to him via phone whilst he looked out of his window!
  • We also thank our fellow Blanford Road Residents who popped cards through our letterbox for Charles’ memorable day!


HomeCare has two Staff Members Self-Isolating for twelve weeks.

  • Lauren received an email from the Covid-19 Team at Bromley Council as unfortunately the home testing kits that we received last week have got to be returned back as the batch we received are faulty. Lauren and Kim are going to re order the tests this week. As soon as we get the new test kits we will be arranging tests for our clients.
  • Thank you to all Staff Members for their continued support and hard work though this period.
  • We are continuing to carry out Client Reviews and Supervisions, whilst also now starting to take on new clients.


  • We continue to have our focus on the Test and Trace system, but which has yet to solidify.
  • We are also continuing with all our other Resilience Initiatives, such as Negative Ion Filters, additional Quality Audits, and ensuring we stay on top of Covid-19 News.


Suggestions continue to be welcome. Please share them with us by emailing

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

Nick & Sarah Bruce

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