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A Care Home that really is Different

A Care Home that really is Different

At a time when most care homes are getting ever larger to cater for an ever greater variety of needs, one has taken the road less travelled.

In line with the latest research, Priors Mead Care Home in Reigate has not only chosen to stay small, but has just got smaller.  Following their recent facelift, they now have fewer but larger rooms, all of which are en-suite, and with a number having showers also.  With the home being beautifully decorated and full of lovely furnishings, pictures and ornaments, you could be forgiven for thinking that you were not in a care home at all.

As Joanna Nykiel, the Head of Home, explained, “Just because each of our residents needs support in some way or other does not mean they want to be reminded of this all the time.  We are therefore passionately anti-institutional and, whilst we have all the latest supports aids, we ensure they blend in and choose our fixtures and fittings for comfort rather than practicality.”

The research, which is at the heart of the home’s philosophy for care, shows that we are more comfortable and less stressed when with smaller numbers of people, and our health stays better when we are with people with similar needs.  Whilst many people would say this is just common sense, it does make you wonder why more homes are not following this path.

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