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We Are Family

We Are Family

We often heard it said that you see more of your colleagues than you do your family but, as we have seen here at Nightingales Retirement Care, the two aren’t always mutually exclusive!

We have long stood for family values and make an effort to ensure that, related or not, everybody here feels part of a wider family. However, a recent count up shows that we actually have a number or mothers, daughters, sisters in law, sisters, aunties and nieces! To be precise, six sets of mothers and daughters, two pairs of sisters in law, another sister duo and one aunty and niece combo!

Our company runs on a partner owned scheme, something we are proud of and that certainly helps bring the staff together. That, coupled with the caring, nurturing environment we have worked hard to foster at Nightingales Retirement Care, reflects the family feel that we’re very proud of.

Given the nature of our business, being able to ensure a relaxed, safe and friendly atmosphere is crucial for us to provide the kind of care our clients are used to. Within our industry, the single most important thing is to be able to make clients feel loved, looked after and happy. That third element is so often overlooked; an older person can feel safe, they can feel provided for but, without feeling happy, these things lose any real meaning.

Finally, a special mention to Julie and Paige, Kay and Kirsty, Kim and Amy, Anita and Sophie, Debbie and Angela and Joanne and Mandy for making up our mothers/daughter contingent. Joanna and Marta, Kim and Shirley comprise the group of sisters in law, while Diane and Angela are our two sisters and Julie and Tina our Aunt and niece! We really are family! Cue the music, Sister Sledge!

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