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That’s What I Call Being Transparent

That’s What I Call Being Transparent

Transparency is a new buzz word which most business appear only pay lip-service to, but there are others who seem determined to walk their talk. One example is Priors Mead care home in Reigate.

Their new website has already received praise for the amount of information it contains, with their no-holes-barred Frequently Asked Questions frankly addressing questions other providers would rather brush under the carpet. However, what is really refreshing is that they are happy to arrange for potential clients to speak with existing customers on a confidential basis so that they can get to know the service, warts and all.

Sarah Bruce, who owns the service with her husband, explained, “In all areas of our business we start from the point of view, what would I want to see as a customer. Time and again I come across other companies who have no real conviction behind their marketing hype, and who become faceless as soon as there is a problem. We are determined to be the opposite, welcoming feedback as an opportunity to improve, with everyone having direct and immediate access to myself or Nick as the owners.”

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