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Nightingales Weekly Newsletter #65

Nightingales Weekly Newsletter #65

A HUGE thank you to Liam for being last week’s Editor whilst I was on Annual Leave 


  • We celebrated our wonderful TWINS’ Joan and Patricia’s Birthday on Friday 2nd July! We hope you had a Wonderful Birthday and enjoyed your little Party Celebration.
  • Jane has been focusing on Health & Beauty this week and ensuring that we have all been looking our very best. Nail polishing and relaxing foot spas have been a great success.
  • Thank you Debbie for bringing in your little Kittens for us all to enjoy before they went to their forever homes! We look forward to meeting Poppy’s puppy when she’s born!
  • Chris has been focusing on Memory Games this past week to get our minds working; expect some Challenging Quizzes in the week ahead –  who will be the winner?
  • Diane is returning with the wonderful Tia this week for some Pet Therapy which we all love!
  • We continue to be joined by Ciara for our Slow Yoga sessions, to relax our bodies and minds after all the Brain Games!
  • A visit to Ruxley Manor with some Residents has been planned by Jane this week – photos to follow!
  • Thank you to Liam Tracey for getting us our new best friend Alexa! She understands that we all enjoy Frank Sinatra, Vera Lynn, Dean Martin and much much more, we have all enjoyed Dancing around the home!

Priors Mead

  • We are looking forward to having Anthony Castleman in to Sing and Dance the evening away.  The Residents are getting their favourite song requests ready!
  • Animal therapy is joining us this week, Rhiana from Kingswood Shetlands has promised a surprise of a much larger pet visiting us this month –  wonder what it will be ? Keep a watch on FaceBook to find out.
  • The Residents have been thoroughly enjoying watching the Wimbledon Tennis, so we have decided to host our own Tennis Day with table tennis, cakes and of course, the strawberries & cream! Maybe a cheeky Pimms too – yummy!  Did you know the Wimbledon tournament manages to get through more than 23 tonnes of strawberries and 7,000 litres of cream every year!
  • Linley from Kiddleydivey was the talk of the week after Tuesday’s lively session – thoroughly enjoyed by all!.
  • Eshal, our DofE student, is back on Friday evenings, after taking her exams, to provide us with Live Quizzes via Zoom, welcome back Eshal –  we can’t wait .


  • Julia P, Jennifer C, Fatima D and Saorise celebrate their Birthdays this week! – Many Happy Returns! 
  • We would like to welcome Saorise, Sharlene and Sally to the HomeCare Team!



Suggestions continue to be welcome. Please share them with us by emailing


Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.


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