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News & Activities July 2022

News & Activities July 2022

Summer Party

Just a reminder that our annual Summer Party is this Saturday 9th July, starting from 12pm. We hope to see you there! 1940s (or thereabouts) dress is encouraged but not required – we mostly just want you all to have a great time… though there might be a prize for the best dressed

Please can we encourage all attendees to carry out an LFD ahead of the party if possible as we’re aware Covid numbers are on the rise once again… 

Room Vacancy

We currently have a room available to welcome our next resident into our Priors Mead family! There is a lot to be said for personal recommendations, so if you know anyone who might be looking please do encourage them to contact us and we would be delighted to answer some questions and have the opportunity to provide more information. Many thanks.



Please may we ask you to take the time to complete an online review for us, your feedback is valuable to our home and useful to those looking for their new home;

We’re super close to obtaining a review score of 10 with our current score being 9.9! Your input is appreciated. A HUGE thank you to those who have already taken the time to complete one of these for us.



We would encourage you all to go on and ‘like’ our Facebook page as we aim to post regular updates and photos of the going ons in our home;



We are delighted to have welcomed Peter, David and John into our home recently. We hope you will settle in well with us here at Priors Mead and wish you every happiness.



Please join us in wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to Eleanor and Maggi who both will be celebrating this month! We are so looking forward to the celebrations!


July Activities

We always strive to provide a full and varied activities programme for our residents, so please do share with us if you have any further ideas as to activities they might enjoy or nice places to visit.


1stLet’s get comfy in the lounge for an afternoon movie with refreshing drinks and nibbles. ?

4th- Join us for a good stretch with Judy from slow yoga.  ?‍♀️

5th Did you know July is National ice cream month! Let’s play some games outside then enjoy the ice cream van turning up after lunch .. yum ! ?

6th– It’s time for a Pamper day with our hairdresser Tina and Michelle doing your nails.

7th- It’s Chocolate Day so no better excuse than this to get baking some chocolate brownies trying different types of chocolate to mix them up a bit. ?

8th- Games and puzzles today ?

9th It’s our Summer Party! We hope to see as many of you as possible

11th- 10.30 & 1.30 Let’s take a trip to Earlswood lakes for some duck and bird spotting, Michelle’s doing two trips for this today so let her know which you’d prefer to join her on.?

12th- Time for some fun musical exercise with Linley from Kiddley Divey .

13th Pamper day in the lounge, let’s get the foot spas out while Tina Fixes your hair .

14th Let’s get creative! What models can we make out of dough?

19th Ceramic painting today in the garden.

20th- It’s Pamper Day ! Come join Tina and Irine in the lounge for your hair and nails. ?

21st – 4pm- Anthony is joining us with his singing and guitar for a garden performance then supper hopefully in the sunshine ☀️ ?

22nd Test your knowledge with a quiz and tea with cakes in the garden ?

23rd – Watercolour painting

25th Who would like to join us on a trip to Redhill Aerodrome? We can watch the planes while enjoying some tea and cake. ✈️

26th- Linleys back to get us up and moving to her musical exercise session.

27th- It’s Pamper Day again, join us in the lounge.

28th- 11am-  St Mary’s Church are here for a lovely morning service. ⛪️

29th- It’s Tiger day , Let’s get creative and see who can paint or draw a tiger! ?

30th- Let’s get our baking hats on and make some yummy cheesecakes for pudding.?‍?


Every Wednesday is a Pamper day 

Tina, our hairdresser will be in to see to your hair, and Michelle will have your feet soaking in the foot spa whilst she trims and paints your nails.

The last Thursday of every month we welcome St Mary’s Church for a service at 11am.


More activities and trips are likely to be added, and the above is subject to change.

Please see or email Michelle for any further details;      

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