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Meet the team – Kelly McManus

Meet the team – Kelly McManus

Kelly McManus joined the team at Priors Mead following the birth of her daughter Poppy six months ago.  She works nights so that she and her partner can share caring for Poppy without outside help.  Kelly was a hairdresser prior to starting a family so it’s been quite a change from her previous line of work.

Kelly says, “I love that Priors Mead is so different to the stereotypical image that we have of care homes.  It’s wonderful to work with colleagues who are so genuinely passionate about what they do. It has been a breath of fresh air at Priors Mead.  Everyone, without exception is passionate about what they do, they genuinely care and would not dream of doing anything less than their absolute best – whatever the task.  This is so refreshing and I have completely embraced my new career, and I do see it as a career.  It’s so important to do something that makes a difference.  Caring for the elderly is so underrated, it requires compassion, patience and understanding.  So many people forget how difficult it is for people as they get older to accept help.  It is important to build trust and show respect for each individual,  to listen and spend time with our residents is something that I know makes a real difference.  My life is so different now, I’ve adjusted to working shifts and love the variety of what I do.”
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