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Covid-19 News #6

Covid-19 News #6

#6 – Monday, 27th April 2020

We remain at Implementation Level Two, with no Residents, Clients or Staff who are Symptomatic.

Out of interet, this Newsletter (the same version goes to everyone) is emailed to approximately 100 Family Members, 100 Managers and Staff, and 134 people who expressed an interest in Volunteering. Paige then forwards it to any HomeCare Clients who wish to see it, with the same happening in the Homes. However, if you would prefer not to receive it, or know someone else who would, please let us know.

NHS Support

We continue to receive all the support we need at the present time, including adequate supplies of PPE.

We are also now able to book for Symptomatic Staff to be tested, either at a testing centre or via a self-testing kit, with the two Staff Members tested so far both being negative.

New Residents

There has been some ambiguity in official guidelines as to whether Care Homes should take New Residents who are asymptomatic but still testing positive for Covid-19. Our position is that we will only accept New Residents where there is an unambiguous Fourteen-Day History of being Symptom Free and we have received a copy of a Negative Covid-19 Test Result. New Residents are then cared for in their own room for the First 14 Days before joining the other Residents.

We currently have one vacancy in each home.


Nettlestead currently has 1 Staff off but for non-Covid-19 reasons.

  • Thank you Laura & David Taylor (Edward Jobson’s daughter and son-in-law) for dropping off some shopping and helping us keep topped up!
  • We have had very kind cards, flowers etc being delivered for the Staff by Families which is amazing and really keeps up the morale; thank you!
  • Richard Bentine has kindly offered to be our all-round call-out maintenance guy. He has been doing nothing other than self isolating at home and is more than qualified in various areas, plumbing, electrics, building work and so on. Thank you.
  • The 75th Anniversary of VE Day on the 8th May which we will be celebrating by holding a Stay at Home Street Party, decorating the garden red, white and blue.
  • Thackery Wood Solicitors have donated us Tea Bags! We have a further 150 coming this week!
  • We are sending Videos to Geoff of Dukes Entertainment who will prepare a YouTube Video for everyone to watch.

Priors Mead

Priors Mead currently has one staff Self-Isolating for twelve weeks.

  • We have had a donation of Face Masks from Pedro Pereira who purchased them independently. In his own words, Pedro explained he wanted to give back to the UK and the community to help protect us all. We are very grateful to him, and he plans to deliver more next week if he is able to purchase more.
  • We have had two separate donations of knitted Face Mask Extenders from friends of Kirsty’s, which we hope will have the desired effect and reduce the discomfort of wearing the elasticated style Face Masks on our delicate ears. Although, they are not uncomfortable at the time of wearing them, when our amazing staff are at home and having a well deserved rest it can seem like they still have them on.
  • We would like to thank Bridget Wilson, who is already busy doing an amazing job of making scrubs and bags for the NHS Workers, for offering to make Face Masks for us too, should we need them.
  • Kirsty and Kay would like to thank Nick, Sarah and all the Priors Mead Staff, Residents and Family Members for their messages of condolence, support and understanding during our very unexpected family bereavement.
  • The Residents enjoyed a fantastic Chair Dance in the garden on Friday afternoon.
  • Manuela Romeres (one of our Resident’s daughters) always has us at her heart and brings us bread from a charity; we are very grateful:-)


HomeCare has two staff who are Self Isolating.

  • Becky is taking the lead on the Isolation Stories project. If any of our Clients or Family Members would like to share their Isolation Stories please email
  • All the Carers are continuing to go above and beyond for the Clients, as well as supporting each other as a team.
  • Covid-19 has arguably had a greater impact on HomeCare than anywhere else, and so we are delighted to be getting back to business as usual. Karen, Edna and Lauren are now focusing on Care Plan Reviews which will be completed over the phone to maintain Social Distancing.
  • We are now up to Version 14 of our Pandemic Procedure! However, don’t worry for the environment; Staff receive their copies as PDF’s.
  • The London Borough of Bromley are supporting us by supplying PPE.


We now have 13 Volunteers.

    • Unfortunately, two volunteers have had to withdraw their offer to help due to a change of circumstances and availability. However, we have a good number of Volunteers spread between the divisions, with two of the HomeCare Volunteers having already stepped in.


  • We are also delighted to say that one of our Volunteers, Katie Manser, has joined us as an Employee.



  • We have further improved our resilience by developing a Negative Room Pressure System so that, should a Resident become unwell for any reason, the airflow from their room will be to the outside to minimise the risk of others becoming infected. This can be set up in any or multiple rooms to save Residents having to move rooms.


Suggestions continue to be welcome. Please share them with us by emailing

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

Nick & Sarah Bruce

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