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Covid-19 News #39

Covid-19 News #39

Newsletter #39 – Monday, 14th December 2020.

Nettlestead, Priors Mead and HomeCare all remain at Implementation Level Two.


We are still waiting to hear when Vaccinations will start for our residents in the Homes, but in the meantime we are arranging for the necessary Consent Forms to be signed.


Having taken the backseat to Covid, it seems that Brexit is back on the agenda! Given the lack of progress to date, we have reviewed our contingency plans to make sure we are prepared.

Visiting Before Christmas

Up until now we have asked that younger people do not visit due to the higher prevalence of Covid-19 in this age group. However, as the new Pods hermetically seal the Residents from their Visitors, this is a policy that can be safely relaxed, although we would be grateful if younger (12 years and under), more excitable children do  not visit until our Residents have been Vaccinated.

Christmas Day Visits

As with all our decisions about Visits and Covid, the safety of our Residents and Staff is always at the forefront of our minds, which sometimes leaves us with some difficult decisions to make. A case in point is our request that Families do not visit on Christmas Day. Our concern was that too many Families may want to visit for this to be practical. We therefore felt it was more equitable to ask everyone to visit on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day. However, we have been asked to reconsider this as it does not work for everyone. With the above in mind, may we ask any families who feel a visit on Christmas Day is particularly important to contact Nettlestead and Priors Mead and, so long as the number is manageable, we will do our best to accommodate these. Obviously, the fewer there are, the more we can focus on making the day special for everyone.


Normal testing continues, with everyone continuing to test Negative.

Pods and Visiting

We are now very close to the Nettlestead Pod being ready for Visitors, but Priors Mead is still probably two weeks away from completion following the tragic death of the builder. Thankfully, two other contractors have been able to step in to complete the work. In the meantime we are converting the conservatory into a temporary Visiting Pod, and will contact Families as soon as this is ready.


  • We lost Clementina last week, who will be very sadly missed by us all. Our heartfelt condolences go to her family at this time.
  • We want to say a huge Thank You to Richard, who despite sadly losing his Mum has completed the Nettlestead Visiting Pod.
  • Jane has been using the Residents’ Car to take small groups to see the Magical Christmas Light Display at the end of Sundridge Avenue which is raising money for charity.
  • Please start to book ahead for a Facetime slot on Christmas Day to avoid any disappointment.
  • Staff are now able to start booking their Vaccines at the Princess Royal Hospital via an online portal. Whilst no appointments have yet been confirmed, we are hopeful that vaccinations will start before Christmas, with the second dose being given in the New Year.

Priors Mead

  • We have had an overwhelming response to our request for Festive Video Messages. Thank you so much for your heart-warming contributions, we can’t wait to share them on Christmas Day accompanied by a glass of Sherry!
  • Our Residents have all made their own Baubles for our Christmas Tree. They are personalised with their names and individually decorated.
  • We have enjoyed various Festive Activities this week including painting Pottery Christmas Tree Decorations.
  • One of our carers, Kayleigh, has been pampering us with blow-dries, manicures and a good natter.
  • We held an epic tournament of Residents versus Staff Ringtoss at the beginning of the week, which the Residents won! A return match has to be on the cards!
  • On Thursday we are hosting a Big C evening, i.e. Chinese Food, Carols and Christmas Card
  • We held a Residents Meeting on Thursday to get feedback on how we are doing.
  • Consent Forms for the much anticipated Covid-19 Vaccination are beginning to be distributed for Staff and Residents. Though we do not yet know when they will be administered, we are getting prepared for when they are.


  • All Staff are being tested again on Thursday.
  • Two new Clients have started today and another joins us on Wednesday.


Suggestions continue to be welcome. Please share them with us by emailing

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

Nick & Sarah Bruce

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