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Covid-19 News #26

Covid-19 News #26

Newsletter #26 – Monday, 14th September 2020

We remain at Implementation Level Two for both Homes and HomeCare with no Symptomatic Residents, Clients or Staff.

Balancing Visits & Risks

Thank you to those of you who responded to last week’s Newsletter with your thoughts on our approach to Managing Risk, all of which were supportive of our approach, and which leads onto our next point.

Increasing Coronavirus Risk

As has been anticipated, the Coronavirus Risk is now increasing, with Imperial College estimating the R Number to be 1.7. This is reflected in the numbers of infections increasing although mortality remains thankfully low. This may be because it is now the younger generations who are principally infected, and who are better able to deal with Covid-19, and treatment protocols are improving. The New Scientist has also questioned whether the virus itself is becoming less virulent.

Another more relevant issue reported over the weekend is that Covid-19 is again Returning to Care Homes, but this time principally via Staff. As you will see below, our own Staff Continue to Test Negative for Coronavirus, which we are sure is in no small part due to the determination with which they have met this challenge, reflected in the adjustments they have made in their personal lives, such as Foregoing Foreign Holidays. So once again, thank you to all our Staff for doing such a fantastic job.

Having considered the above factors this morning, the Management Team’s thoughts are to continue with Garden Visits as our Resident’s Relatives have not been identified as a principal source of risk. However, we would ask that everyone be Extra Vigilant. If you have Been Abroad or Close to Anyone who may be Infected, please do not visit the home for Two Weeks. Also, please do not bring anyone Under 30 years, as this is considered a Higher risk Group at the moment.

In regard to our Staff, please keep doing what you are doing and, especially as we are entering the time of year when Colds and Flu are more prevalent, please get tested if you have any symptoms that may be Covid-19 before coming into the homes or to care for our HomeCare Clients.


I am delighted to report that the visit to Priors Mead by the Hairdresser was a great success, although she didn’t manage to get everyone done so is coming back in a couple of weeks. Prior to this point, the intended humour in the last Newsletter underplayed what a fantastic job the Staff at Priors Mead had been doing in keeping our Residents looking so good, with the Hairdresser providing the finishing touches. Our apologies that clumsy wording may have given the impression otherwise.

Visiting Pods

After considering a number of possible solutions to our Visiting Pods, we have settled on a more permanent solution in a style that will be in keeping with our surroundings and décor. Our initial idea of a temporary, small structure has been revised so that we will in fact be erecting ‘Mini Summerhouses’ with sufficient space, access points, insulation and comfort to ensure future Family Visits during the colder months will be no less enjoyable and satisfying. We are aiming for full operation during early October subject to lead times on materials and tradesmen to complete the building of the Pods. Fingers crossed!


Testing continues in both Homes, with No Positive Test Results, although test results are taking up to a week to come back at Priors Mead due to the local lab being overwhelmed. We are also struggling to get Home Test Kits, with Staff being invited to go as far as Cardiff for Drive-Through Tests! However, we are hopeful we have found a work-around.


  • Jane enjoyed playing Board Games with the Residents last week.
  • She has also planned plenty of Brain Teasing Quizzes for this week; we shall keep you updated with the results.
  • Margaret will be leaving us on the 16th to return home! We are going to miss her and all wish her well.
  • Residents will be getting pampered with Manicures this week, either in the lounge or outside if the weather continues to stay warm and sunny.

Priors Mead

  • Michelle and our Residents have been going through Recipes from Yesteryear, with this week’s Baking Session focusing on making Imperial Biscuits.
  • We are hoping our pottery assortment from Painty Pots will arrive later this week for our Arts and Crafts sessions, which will then be glazed for keepsakes or gifts.
  • The sunshine is back, so there will be various Activities in the Garden including the ever-popular Croquet and Boules.
  • We also have two very fluffy, new little additions to the Priors Mead family! Residents will be Meeting and Naming them this week.
  • Michelle will also be keeping the rabbits at her home, but will be bringing them in regularly for some fluffy therapy.


  • As mentioned above, we have been having problems arranging for Home Test Kits. Would HomeCarers please liaise with the office to arrange for their test to be carried out at either Nettlestead or Priors Mead.
  • Congratulations to Katie Manser is going to be starting her role as a Supervisor in the Bromley Area on 22nd September 2020.
  • Tracey Moore will follow shortly thereafter as the Croydon-Reigate Supervisor on 5th October 2020.


Suggestions continue to be welcome. Please share them with us by emailing

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

Nick & Sarah Bruce

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