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Covid-19 News #23

Covid-19 News #23

Newsletter #23 – Monday, 24th August 2020

We remain at Implementation Level Two for both Homes and HomeCare with no Symptomatic Residents, Clients or Staff.


A Relative at Priors Mead, Sandra Greaves, has asked about the possibility of the Hairdresser resuming visits, which I understand is also a concern for other Residents and their Families also. At Nettlestead we are fortunate enough to have Staff who are trained to do hair also but, since Kelly went on Maternity Leave, the same is not true at Priors Mead. Whilst bringing in Hairdressers has been off the cards until now because of the increased Transmission Risk that goes with it, we are also aware that this is an important factor in our Residents’ Morale. We are also aware that the risk from the Coronavirus has Mitigated Substantially, both in the number of people catching it, but also their outcomes when they do. This is something we continue to keep under active review and, until this Risk Profile Changes negatively, we believe now is the right time to reintroduce Monthly Hairdressing at Priors Mead. To this end, we are going to Develop a Protocol to ensure this is properly Risk Assessed and Managed but, as soon as this is in place, we plan for these to start at Priors Mead. They may follow on at Nettlestead but, because there is already a working solution there, we see this as less urgent.

Garden Visits and Post-Summer Visiting

Garden Visits continue to go well, as does the planning for Visitors Pods to carry us through the inclement weather. Leo now has detailed feedback from everyone on Version 1, which is now being revised into Version 2, with our regular builder standing by to construct them. We will share designs as soon as we have something finalised.


Testing continues at both Homes and HomeCare with no positive test results.


  • We had a successful visit from our Podiatrist last week and our Residents were delighted to see him again.
  • We would like to welcome Two New Residents, Sheila and Joan to the Nettlestead Family.
  • Manicures are set to take place this week, and we look forward to showing you the results on your next Garden Visit.
  • Today we are celebrating Stanley’s 95th Birthday!
  • Jane, our new Assistant Manager for Activities, has been doing lots of arts and crafts activities this week.
  • Nicole Kpor is due to return from Furlough next Tuesday.
  • Estelle has joined the Nettlestead Team as a Night Care Assistant while she continues her training to be a doctor.

Priors Mead

  • We all thoroughly enjoyed making our Savoury Muffins for supper on Tuesday and this week will be Brainstorming more ideas to cook up together.
  • We are still enjoying filling our Lock-Down Books with photos of all our memories.
  • Lots of afternoon Games are planned for this week as well as arts and crafts.
  • An afternoon of Manicures with music is also taking place.
  • We are all looking forward to a Bank Holiday Monday BarBQ with a Great British ‘fun and games’ theme.


  • We have three New Staff Members starting this week: Kirsten, Paris and Jackie, with another two booked in for their training on Tuesday 25th August.
  • We have one New Client starting this week, and another 7 starting in September with a further 5 assessments booked.
  • Lauren carried out a Virtual Job Fair for St Christopher’s staff last week, which led to three interviews, and a further four interviews booked.
  • We have two new Area Supervisors starting, with Lauren and Kim continuing to oversee all areas until they are fully trained and ready to start their roles.
  • Lauren and Kim are in the process of visiting all our existing Clients to introduce themselves personally.


  • Our major focus in this area is in making sure our Procedures remain relevant, with a particular emphasis on proportionality; an example being restarting Hairdressing. At the start of the Pandemic there were many unknowns as well as significant known consequences, but as we know more and the consequences change, we want to make sure our Risk Mitigations remain appropriate. That said, we will remain Risk Averse.


Suggestions continue to be welcome. Please share them with us by emailing

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

Nick & Sarah Bruce

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